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We Offer our Excellent Service to Help You
Build Your Own Private Label Product

Toll manufacturing service:

Customer will provide the ingredients and packaging materials to make the products unique and entirely his own. South Care Cosmetics Mfg. Inc. , on the other hand, will provide for the manufacturing service and some of the major ingredients, if applicable.

All-in full service manufacturing service:

UMZ Bioline Manufacturer will provide the following services;

  • Raw materials
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Pilot/ Small Scale Manufacturing
  • Packaging and Product Development
  • Graphic packaging design and Marketing Support

Formulation and R & D Assistance.

Our formulations undergo strict manufacturing standards to further ensure product safety and efficacy, guaranteed to surpass customer’s marketing standards.

Stock Formula

Armed with perfected product formulations, UMZ Bioline Manufacturer has hundred of stock formulas available for your private cosmetic line needs.

The advantages of using stock formulas are:

  • low minimums (1000 to 5000 units depending on product and packaging)
  • fast product introductions
  • no product development cost

Custom Formula

  • If our stock products do not meet your needs, we can provide fast, flexible contract manufacturing, filling, formulating, packaging and graphic design support to deliver the right and advanced solution to your market. A custom product is suitable for those customers who require:
  • a private label product made to certain specifications.

Product Development Charges:

We will be pleased to give you the best estimate cost for developing a custom product under your own private label. We can develop formulas from scratch or modify existing formulas to create unique formulas, or manufacture your own existing formula

Being “stock formulas” doesn’t mean that these are ordinary formulas. Our stock formulas contain the latest and superior quality ingredients available. We also understand that impressive packaging is just as important as the product itself. For this reason, we have made special effort to offer our private label customers our stock formulas in stylish packaging that will stand out on the shelves and distinguish themselves from the competition. Clients may select from various packaging options or may choose to utilize other options to be provided by other packaging companies.