I wish to produce a product, but I do not have any formulas. How should I proceed?

No worries, we wil propose formula to you based on your equirement.

Do I need to prepare my own design?

We provide design services for brand names, logos, packaging containers. If you have your own design, that can also be used.

Will you give us advice on product planning and marketing?

We will recommend a product with a concept that suits your target after understanding your needs.

How much does it cost to be involved in manufacturing through this OEM?

Depending on the formula, size and manufacture. We will give you an estimate after discussion. If there are other expenses, such as design, packaging or other costs, we will let you know in advance, so as to facilitate the affairs of both parties.

Can I prepare my own formula sample?

Yes, you can provide your own formula as long as we can confirm its safety and stability. We will make the product based on the original formula you give as long as it is safe, stable, this process will repeatedly get the best standards. We will also study those materials whether it can be registered or not.

I would like to get product on the market quickly. can you help us?

Yes, we have a many type formulations.Please feel free to contact us

Can I as a private company make OEM products?

As long as you are interested in this industry, or you have a creative new idea about your product. No matter you are a seller, trader or individual company, we are ready to provide production services and are responsible for doing research.

Are you an OEM company?

Yes, we are an OEM manufacturing. We develop products based on your needs.

What is you minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Depending on the type of product and product formula you want and produce. However, we are flexible to adjust the MOQ based on your needs. Contact us for more information.