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Daily bathing time not only helps your baby stay fresh and safe, but is also an amazing opportunity for one-on-one bonding time between the parent and the baby. To make it a more , it’s important to find a gentle, nourishing, tear-free wash that’s perfect for your newborn.

When choosing a head-to-toe wash, the skin safety for newborns of utmost importance. The newborn’s skin is extra delicate and thus, require the best quality ingredients that are gentle on the baby’s skin.

Ingredients Used In Baby Head To Toe Products

Product Baby Head To Toe - Halal OEM Manufacturer

Baby Carrie Head-To-Toe Gentle Wash is formulated with ultra-gentle ingredients that are proven suitable for the newborn’s skin. Containing 100% organic plant actives, Organic Almond Oil and Wheat Germ Oil rich in vitamin E, Baby Carrie not only cleanses the skin but also softens it too.

Free from soap, paraben, MIT, added phthalates, colorants and sulphates, Baby Head-To-Toe products has a tear-free and a healthy pH on the newborn’s skin.

Benefit That Get In Baby Head To Toe Products

  • 2 in 1 shower & shampoo formula
  • Gently cleanses and deeply moisturizes for baby’s delicate skin & hair
  • Tear Free Protection
  • With Calendula
  • Gentle with 0% Paraben, 0% Colorant
  • Co-developed by Pediatricians & dermatologists

Let’s Build Your Own Brand Of Baby Head To Toe Products

It is important not to use chemical products on your newborn child since they can harm the child. So, it is important that parents choose organic products when buying new products for their baby. When a baby is born, the first few months are crucial as the baby’s immune system develops.

UMZ BIOLINE MANUFACTURER SDN BHD as an OEM factory has been producing various baby products including body lotions, oils, hair oils, head to toe, baby creams, and balms.

Baby Head To Toe – Private Label Product

Our products are non-irritating & mild. We offer baby-friendly products, and we’ll be sure the product does not harm the skin. We invite you to visit our office or factory, and let’s build a good product together.

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