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You are in Negeri Sembilan and interested in making your own brand products? Negeri Sembilan UMZ BIOLINE MANUFACTURER SDN BHD OEM Factory can meet your needs. To ensure that you are satisfied with the manufacturer as well as the product that will be produced, we share some unique features of the Negeri Sembilan OEM factory as your guide.

1. Price Make Products Affordable

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If you have ever been a product agent, you definitely know the price of the product you are selling is more expensive than the stockist price or the owner price. In addition, the margin is also small if you become a product agent until any time. You don’t want to be the owner of a product that can get high profit margins?

This is your chance to have your own branded product. Negeri Sembilan OEM factory will offer you a very competitive price for the product.

2. Production of High Quality Sample Products

The preparation of sample products from Negeri Sembilan OEM factories is important for product entrepreneurs. The purpose is to allow product entrepreneurs to research samples of the product before it is mass-marketed. He needs to examine the color, shape, fragrance, and texture of the product so that it meets his needs.

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Here is a common procedure for producing your own product:

  1. Meeting for discussion with Negeri Sembilan OEM factory
  2. Select a product to sample

3. The factory makes processing
4. Samples are ready and sent directly to the outlet

Therefore, product entrepreneurs need to find an OEM factory that can produce sample products with the best quality. With the speed of this process, the product entrepreneur does not have to wait long to get a product sample.

3. Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP

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Before choosing a Negeri Sembilan OEM factory, you need to ensure that the selected factory adopts Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP) in each of their activities. GMP is one of the recognitions by the government to ensure that the factory is qualified to produce OEM products.

You can ask the factory about their GMP standards and how they comply with them. This is to ensure your product is not only safe but also conforms to your standards.

4. Factory Has HALAL Certification, MESTI, KKM

Choose an OEM factory that already has a Halal certificate to facilitate your process of putting the KKM series (NOT / MAL) and the Halal logo on your product.

You also need to know the difference between NOT, KKM and MAL:

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a) NOT

The finished cosmetic product will be given a Notification Number (NOT) as proof that the cosmetic product has been notified to the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK).

Beginning in 2008, the control process for cosmetic products has changed from a Registration System to a NOTIFICATION System. Through this system, the company needs to inform the NPCB in advance before the cosmetic product can be imported, manufactured or marketed in Malaysia.

b) MAL

MAL is the Meditag Hologram registration number and label on its packaging. If a medicine product does not have both of these characteristics, it is feared that the product is not registered with the KKM.

All registered medicine must display their registration number on the label or packaging. The registration number begins with the letter ‘MAL’ followed by 8 digit numbers and ends with letters that indicate the product registration category such as:

Product registration category:

A – Medicines contain controlled toxins

X – Medicine that do not contain controlled poisons /OTC

T – Traditional medicine

N – Health supplements

c) KKM

Products that are registered or notified to the DCA do not put ‘MOH’ in any registration number or notification number. If pharmaceutical products, health supplements, traditional preparations and cosmetics have a MAL number, then those products are safe from illicit substances such as mercury, sabrutamine and illicit drugs.

Every cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food supplement products as well as traditional preparations must register with the DCA before the products are marketed to consumers.

Registration numbers for products that have been registered with the DCA will be equipped with security features such as registration numbers and genuine holograms.

You also need to know that products sold in pharmacies or supermarkets must meet minimum requirements such as:

– Certification from KKM

– Certification from JAKIM for HALAL

– A MESTI for food products

A large number of consumers will currently look for the KKM (NOT / MAL) series and the Halal logo when they want to buy a product. This can be an easy point for you to win the hearts of your customers.

5. Choose A Factory That Has Specialized Expertise In A Specific Niche

Not all manufacturers can produce a wide variety of products. There are manufacturers that specialize in beauty products only. There are OEMs who can only make health products.

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Therefore, you need to first examine the expertise of a plant. Look at criteria like:

  • What product categories do they use the most?
  • What sub-categories of best-selling products in the market? If a health product, what is the top product? (skincare, skinny products and so on)
  • The variety of product formulas available – the more formula options, the more options for the production of your product.

For example, an OEM in Negeri Sembilan can produce special production of cough medicine on a large scale for pharmaceutical medicines.

For those of you who want to make your own brand products, you can choose traditional herbal cough medicine because this product is not much in the market but the demand is very high in the market.

In conclusion, you can research the tips above to help you choose the OEM factory you want. For those of you who live in Negeri Sembilan, you do not have to bother to go to Kuala Lumpur to produce your own products.

Contact UUMZ BIOLINE MANUFACTURER SDN BHD which has an OEM factory branch in Negeri Sembilan:

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