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Instant coffee brands like Nescafe, Starbucks, Oldtown, and Kopiko are popular. It shares almost all the same criteria but differs in design, quality, and slogan. Would you be interested in creating your own brand of instant coffee products? Need help? Read the article to the end for a solution.

3 In 1 Coffee Manufacturer In Malaysia

A 3-in-1 coffee drink includes all users’ needs, i.e., it’s easy, fast, and tasty. As a result, almost all coffee brands produce similar product packages.

If you are interested in developing a 3-in-1 coffee product. It is imperative to follow this method if you want your product to be easy to sell.

Instant Coffee - oem manufacturer

Malaysian Instant Coffee: How To Become Its Founder?

  • Sufficient capital – To start a business, you need sufficient capital, including capital for production and marketing. To produce a complete instant coffee product in terms of design, filling, and registration, you need to prepare 10k – 20k.
  • Creative and attractive product design. – How does design influence a product’s success? Customers will notice this first, so a stylish and emotional design will entice them to buy. Additionally, it represents the company’s identity.
  • Ingredients used in coffee – Generally, 3-in-1 coffee products contain high amounts of sugar, which makes them unhealthy drinks. Several steps have been taken to make the 3-in-1 coffee product safe to drink. Several manufacturers have substituted stevia for sugar in these products. A variety of 3-in-1 coffee products are also available with low sugar, and low fat, allowing consumers to choose from a variety of options.
  • Instant coffee manufacturer Malaysia – To become an instant coffee entrepreneur, you must find and choose a factory to realize your dream. UMZ Bioline Manufacturer is a manufacturer that will help you with all aspects of instant coffee product production from start to finish with ease, speed, and quality. As a company, we have always adhered to four steps.

4 Easy Steps To Build Your Own Brand Product

  1. Discussion – Our marketing officers are available 24 hours a day to respond quickly and efficiently. In this phase, we will discuss the requirements for the product, such as MOQ, design, etc.
  2. Sample – “You can request any ingredients you like”. Research experts always welcome formulation ideas from founders. Once the sample is ready, the founder can try it, and if not satisfied, can amend it.
  3. Production – During this phase, discussions about product design and registration will take place. “The best thing is that you can request the design you want”. When all requirements are completed, we will proceed with manufacturing the product based on the MOQ.
  4. Delivery – “We deliver to the front of the house”. The product will be checked again to ensure everything is safe and will be sent directly to the founder.

In Conclusion

You need to have the right planning to ensure that the instant coffee product to be launched will succeed in the market. If you’re ready! Click WhatsApp now for our assistance.