Top Halal Beverage Manufacturer Malaysia

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beverage manufacturer malaysia

Looking to start a business selling your own product? You might want to explore OEM food and beverages manufacturer Malaysia.

Read this article to find out more about producing your own beverage brand.

Launching a product under your brand is a good start since beverages products are hot in the market.

You might want to look for a manufacturer in Malaysia that understands what you want.

There are several reasons to choose the right beverage manufacturer in Malaysia so you can start your own product without too much hassle.

Things You Should Know About OEM Company in Malaysia

beverage manufacturer malaysia

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is a party that will create and produce certain products which will be sold by people who want to have their own product but without much hassle.

For example, you are interested to sell drinks with your brand, you can just approach an OEM and do the needful. No need to set up your own factories or anything like that.

There are various products that can be produced by OEM and it is all up to you to decide what you want to sell. You also should look for OEM with GMP (Good Manufacture Practice).

This is because, in Malaysia, KKM decided that for an OEM to be recognised as safe and qualified to produce products, they must have GMP and only produce products that are 100% organic.

Another reason why OEM will make it easier for you to produce your own products is because most OEM in Malaysia have Halal certificates so you won’t have issues with that aspect.

Type of Beverages

Since we are looking into producing beverages, here are some beverage types that you can choose for your own brand from the right beverage supplier later:

  • Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD)

Basically like those canned soda that you can find everywhere in the market. It’s sweet, last long, and liked by many. You can’t go wrong with this choice.

  • Coffee & Tea

Just like the previous, this type also has its own fans and can be found in cans. As long as it matches the taste of its lovers, it is quite a safe net too.

  • Dairy, Smoothies, & Yogurt Based

If you want to produce a more healthy option, maybe you should choose this. It can also be produced in various flavours.

  • Energy Drinks

These days these types of drinks sell quite fast too as more people are starting to be more active.

  • Juices
juices from beverage manufacturer Malaysia

A bit similar like smoothies but it does not contain milk so it should contain less fat. Maybe you can produce a diet version as that has its own community already.

  • Protein

Just like energy drinks, this type is also becoming more popular these days as more people are interested to build their body and be more fit.

Are The Ingredients Safe And KKM Approved?

As mentioned before, this is why you should look for an OEM company that has GMP so that it is guaranteed that it is safe and KKM approved.

This is also to avoid any future issues that could arise and of course so that your consumers will not be harmed severely by consuming your products.

Besides, with the correct OEM, the R&D (Research and Development) of the product will be handled by the company to ensure that it is safe and of good quality.

Are The Ingredients Halal?

As also mentioned before, this is why it is vital to approach a company with halal certificates. You won’t face many issues regarding KKM series (NOT/MAL) and Halal logos on your product.

As majority of Malaysians are Muslim, most of them will look for the KKM series (NOT/MAL) and Halal logo when they want to buy a certain product.

Thus by having these all figured out will earn you a safe spot from being questioned by the consumers later. They will also be more attracted to buy your product which is another win!

Why Choose UMZ Bioline Manufacturer?

If you are looking for a good OEM beverage manufacturer in Malaysia, this company has the answer.

Besides the fact that they use advanced tech on our equipment, they also have GMP.

They can also provide certifications and registrations such as Food Registration, Halal, Mal, Not, everything that you need, they will do it for you.

From research and development, to formulation, design, production, and distribution, they have all the services that you could possibly need. All in one place, very convenient!

Just in case their stocks are not really something of your dreams, worry not as they can also do custom formulas. They can provide a flexible contract with full support, as long as you are happy.

Moreover, as one of the best beverage manufacturers in Malaysia in Malaysia, they promise to give the best value service to those who want to produce their own products.

They can also provide an option of customer service if your company requires it along with other services such as:

  • Free consultation
  • Reasonable price
  • Develop formula on new base research
  • Utilisation of advanced technology
  • GMP-certified Manufacturer
  • Provide certification and registration (Food Registration, HALAL, MAL, NOT)

This company has operated for over 15 years in assisting the production of private labels from the beginning of discussions, producing formulas, preparing samples, to the packaging process.

Contact UMZ Bioline Manufacturer for all your beverage manufacturer Malaysia needs.



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