Produces skincare is mostly a sensitive product that requires careful research in the production process. Nowadays, consumers are always careful in choosing a product that will be used on their skin. Checking the content of the ingredients used is a must before buying skincare products. This is because consumers are beginning to realize that many skincare products sold in the market contain chemicals that can harm the skin.

How do chemicals affect your skin?

Consumers are often looking for skincare products that can be effective quickly, however, you need to know these products that give fast effectiveness often use chemicals in their products which is even worse the product is not approved. The use of skincare products that contain chemicals will put you at risk for irritation and allergies. Therefore, an entrepreneur who wants to produce these skincare products needs to know the ingredients contained in your skincare products.

Skin Care Manufacturer in Malaysia

machine for production - OEM Manufacturer

Skincare products include a cleanser, creams, serums, moisturizers, bubble masks, and so on, in other words, products that help for a beauty. OEM factories that manufacture these products will often conduct special research to ensure that skincare products meet the effectiveness that the founder dreamed it.

To get approval, especially from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) for a skincare product, the product must use organic ingredients in the product. OEM factories that have GMP status will usually help founders to register their products. Often the factory will also inform the founder about the formula or ingredients contained in their product. Usually, before the product is ready the researchers. Usually, before the product is ready the researcher will produce a sample first for the founder to try whether it is effective or not. This product will also undergo sensitive testing so that it can be used for the suitability of various skin types.

Where can get the right OEM Manufacturer in Malaysia?

As a founder you As a founder, you must only want the product to look perfect from all aspects including starting from the raw materials, labels, packaging, and so on so that you only need to focus on the marketing part only. First, find the right OEM manufacturer, what does it mean to be the right manufacturer?

  1. We have 15 years of experience in this OEM industry. Our factory has GMP certified.
  2. Use the latest technology in the production of products. It is able to produce quality samples.
  3. Offers cosmetic products, health drinks, and traditional medicine.
  4. Providing full service in developing own-brand products such as logo design, labels and packaging come to the registration of our products that manage.
  5. We also offer competitive prices for developing products.
  6. We also provide OEM factory services for the whole of peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, Sarawak, and Southeast Asia.

So, the manufacturer that has all of this detail is one and only Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd. This company is run by a group of experienced professionals in their respective fields. Formulation and products produced are based on natural herbs specially created for the use of men and women in Asia. The question that the founder always ask is about MOQ for a skincare product. We can provide MOQ 1000 for this product.

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