23 Profitable OEM Products Malaysia You Can Choose

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Are you looking to start your own business by selling products with your own brand? But are you worried about the hassle that would come with it?

Worry not as you can produce your own brand without all the hassle with OEM products! All you have to do is find a trustable company to help with your production and you are good to go.

What Is an OEM Product?

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Before you get all excited, do you know what are OEM products in Malaysia? OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is a party that will create and produce a certain product to be sold by a third party.

The third party is the people who want to have their own product with their own brand but without much hassle, as in you!

As an example, you are interested to sell lipsticks of your own brand. All you have to do is approach an OEM factory and follow the following necessary steps.

No need to set up a factory, find and buy the equipment, get certificate approval, none of those hassles. Convenient, no?

There are also various products that can be produced by OEM and it is all up to you to decide. It is however advisable to look for OEM with GMP (Good Manufacturer Practice).

This is because in Malaysia, the Ministry of Health decided that for an OEM to be recognised as safe and qualified to produce products, they must have GMP and only produce products that are 100% organic.

Type of OEM Products in Malaysia

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Different manufacturers provide different OEM products to produce. Among some common products that can be heard these days would be face serum, cosmetic products, and drinks.

For example, if we look into drinks, some of the usual types that can be produced using OEM would be carbonated soft drink, juices, yogurt-based, coffee, or tea.

Banana milk and kurma milk are among popular choices these days as they are also produced by big brands. To sum, there are all sorts of products that can be produced for you.

23 Profitable OEM Products from UMZ Bioline Manufacturer

oem products malaysia

If you are interested in producing products of your brand but do not know what your product should be, you can check out UMZ Bioline Manufacturer as they produce OEM products in Malaysia.

In fact, they are among the best manufacturers of OEM in Malaysia. Maybe by doing so can give you an idea of what you want to produce.

Among the 23 OEM products UMZ Bioline Manufacturer can produce would be as follows:

  1. Argan Oil

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Argan oil has many benefits to our skin so this product does have the followings of its own. Some benefits are providing protection from the sun, moisturises skin, and treats acne.

These are among the common issues faced by Malaysians so with the right product and the right marketing, this product will surely sell like hotcakes.

  1. Mascara

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Many women wear mascara on their daily basis whether it is for a professional persona or just to hang out. It is also sold by various brands showing that it is of high demand. 

  1. Milk Cleanser

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This type of cleanser was made popular by Japanese and Koreans industry as it can bring many benefits to our skin.

Seeing that it is very gentle and cleans our face thoroughly, there is no reason why people would not love it. Besides, seeing that it is in trend right now, maybe you too should benefit from it.

  1. Magic Lipstick

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Lipstick has been among the longest cosmetic products in the beauty industry. Despite a lot of new products produced, it is still able to stay in the market thus why it is a good product to sell.

  1. Lip Gloss

As these products can complement lipstick, maybe you should come up with both. Lip gloss is also in trend right now as many brands are producing it so you can benefit from this too.

  1. Lipmatte Cream

If you are looking to create your own lipmatte cream as your own product, this is a great choice.

This product used to be so popular some years back. That does mean it is out of trend now as it is still standing in the market.

  1. Hair tonic

Seeing that many Malaysians face the issue of hair loss and this product being quite popular in the market right now, this product is also suitable to choose.

  1. Hair Growth Gel

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Just like previous products, Malaysians are quite aware of the hair growth problem. There is vast opportunity for you to serve the market as the demand is there.

  1. Flower Serum

oem products malaysia

Face serum is popular these days to solve various issues commonly faced by everyone including Malaysians.

Now comes its derivative; flower serum. It is quite common to be found in big international brands so maybe by producing a local option can benefit you as these people would have a cheaper option.

  1. Facial Cleanser

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Besides milk-based as listed before, this can also sell easily by having a certain audience target. Due to skincare being a hot topic for now, cleansers are searched by many.

By targeting a certain audience, you will be able to gain their trust. More people will trust your product so you can produce other products as well.

  1. Face Moisturiser

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This is also another essential skincare product as according to the skincare gurus. The most popular variety would be hydrating as it can benefit almost all skin types.

  1. Deodorant

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Although it is not among the hot topics today, deodorant has always been an essential as everyone requires it to fight their body odour. 

  1. Compact Powder

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Just like lipstick, this cosmetic product also has long been in the beauty industry. Just try to focus on a certain audience and you can start from there.

  1. Cream Foundation

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Foundation is also easy to sell with the right ingredients and right marketing. You can make your products suitable for Malaysians’ skin tone as that is still quite uncommon among the big brands.

  1. Blusher

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This is also among the beauty products that has long been in the industry and is also quite popular since a few years back.

Since beauty products already have their own audience, it should not be that hard to introduce your product with the right marketing strategy.

  1. Bird Nest

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Bird nests have gained popularity these days as people find its health efficacy. Although it is not heavily discussed anymore, the benefits of this product cannot be denied as it has loyal followers.

  1. Bar Soap

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Who said bar soap is out of the market? It is still everywhere and used by many. Even though many products are produced, bar soap is still going strong.

  1. Aromatherapy Oil

Besides the good smell that it provides, this product can also be calming and soothing for users.

  1. Cleanser

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Among popular cleansers of today is gel cleanser as it is suitable for people with oily or combination skin types. By producing one with the right strategy will enable you to be in the market.

  1. Body Shampoo

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As everyone showers, this product will not need any introduction but by bringing a rare purpose such as exfoliation will be able to make your product stand out from the rest in the market.

  1. Aloe Vera Face Cleanser and Face Scrub

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Aloe vera has been known as the healing properties which is beneficial for users. UMZ Bioline will produce cleanser and face scrub according to your requirements.

  1. Aloe Vera Shampoo

oem products malaysia

Besides healing, aloe vera is also good as shampoo as it can hydrates the scalp, protect the hair, ignites hair growth, and exfoliates the dead skin away from the scalp.

  1. Shower Gel

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This product also does not need any introduction. However, since there are already so many in the market, a rare offering would make a difference such as moisturising benefit.

To sum, there are several products to produce and each has its own benefits and challenges. This is why it is important to choose the right manufacturer and have the right marketing team.

If you are looking for a good OEM manufacturer in Malaysia, UMZ Bioline Manufacturer is the answer! Besides the fact that they use advanced tech, they also have GMP.

We know how important that is and they can also provide certifications and registrations such as Food Registration, Halal, Mal, Not, everything that you need, they will do it for you!

From research and development, to formulation, design, production, and distribution, they have all the services that you could possibly need. All in one place, very convenient!

Just in case their stocks are not really something of your dreams, worry not as they can also do custom formula. They can provide a flexible contract with full support, as long as you are happy.

Moreover, as one of the best manufacturers of various products in Malaysia, they promise to give the best value service to those who want to produce their own products.

They can also provide an option of customer service if your company requires it along with other services such as:

– Free consultation

– Reasonable price

– Develop formula on new base research

– Utilisation of advanced technology

– GMP-certified Manufacturer

– Provide certification and registration (Food Registration, HALAL, MAL, NOT)

This company has operated for over 15 years in assisting the production of private labels from the beginning of discussions, producing formulas, preparing samples, to packaging process. Should you trust us with our OEM products here in Malaysia? Yes!

Now that you know they are definitely one of the best, what are you waiting for? Do not wait any longer and contact them here now to live your dream as a successful entrepreneur!

UMZ Shop Is Now Open

Now products produced by UMZ Bioline Manufacturer can be bought online at UMZ Shop with retail prices and the best quality from us.

OEM Products Benefits Of Creating Your Own Brand

oem benefits - Halal OEM Manufacturer

Creating your own brand is undoubtedly a challenging task and it needs proper planning if you really want to achieve your goals. Bear in mind that the journey will not be a walk in the park. Once you get started, you have to be committed. The results that you get will determine the direction your business is heading to. Lucky for you, we have a solution for you to get started in the business world.

Why Creating Your Own Product A Fantastic Option?

example box oem- Own Brand

Let’s say you want to sell clothes, this would go under a physical product. So, if you have always been passionate about something, this is the chance for you to make some money while having some fun. Look at this as a golden opportunity for you to get a fresh start. You also get to learn from successes and mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made. At the end of the day, the person who will be fully in control will be you. Whatever choices that you make are totally in your hands.

When your product becomes successful, many opportunities will come knocking on your door. In other words, the sky’s the limit. As a consequence, you also get to enjoy the results of the sales more as you are the boss of your very own empire. You are probably reading this article because you are keen on starting your very own product. For your information, there are several types of products that you can consider offering to your potential customers. Some of the examples are service, physical product, information product, software, and many more.

Things To Consider Before Creating Your Own Product

People say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In business, this is very much true because there are many things that you need to consider.

Identify your potential customers and competitors

Firstly, understand how the market works today. You should do some thorough research on how you can attract customers. Having competitions is normal in the business world. By studying more about them, you might identify the gap which can bring the customers to you. Ultimately, the ball is in your court, you just have to find the way to execute this in the best possible way.

Decide on your company’s image

Secondly, the name of your company is probably one of the biggest decisions that you have to make in your life. This is because that is how people will have their first impression which could be a vital factor in attracting them. Hence, sticking to the name is the first big commitment because it is the identity of your company. Other elements such as logo, slogan, and overall image are equally important.

How OEM Malaysia Can Help You Create Your Own Product?

Benefits Of Creating Your Own Brand - Halal OEM Manufacturer

You may have come across some people who tried to sell their own products. Unfortunately, some of them ran into roadblocks after roadblocks and eventually gave up. Fortunately for you, there’s an OEM that can help you to kickstart your business journey.

Our products consist of:

  • Face care
  • Body care
  • Hair care
  • Baby care
  • Bar soap
  • Essential oil
  • Perfume
  • Health supplements

As a client, you will receive assistance in all the necessary lists for your product.

OEM can help with:

  • Product formulation & conceptualization
  • Packaging
  • Label & artwork design
  • Product Registration
  • Obtain Halal certificate

Throughout your time with us, you will receive beneficial solutions from our vastly experienced Research and Development (R&D) team. You will also get a consultation from the OEM. Most of the sessions are free. If you are eager to get a consultation, you can arrange the time of the meeting.

What do we do?

  • Consultative customized OEM/ODM products information
  • Purchase or seek packing materials for clients.
  • Design team to design client’s packages artwork.
  • Customized ingredient samples for clients for evaluation.
  • In-house product ingredient stability and quality test.
  • Manufacture customized bulk ingredients for skincare, body care, hair care, and other cosmetics products according to client’s requirements.


Creating your own brand will take a lot of hard work and dedication. However, getting great results will be very satisfying. With this in mind, OEM Malaysia can help you to make your business dream become a reality. So, are you ready to have your own brand and become a successful entrepreneur?

Why Choose Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd?

  • First of all, we use advanced tech on our equipment.
  • Secondly, we are a Certified GMP Manufacturer.
  • We can provide certifications and registrations for you (Food Registration, Halal, Mal, Not)
  • With 15 years of operations and over 297 happy clients, we will make your dreams come true.
  • It provides one-stop solutions from research and development to formulation, design, production, and distribution of cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products.
  • From discussion, formulas, sample, preparation, and packaging, we will do it for you.

What are we offering?

  • Juices
  • Energy supplements and Nutritional drinks
  • Beauty and cosmetic

Is This A Click Bait?

No, this is not clickbait at all. In fact, the most successful business in Malaysia starts with its own brand. We from Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd are pleased to help you and invite you to our office or visit our factory. Let’s build a product with us.

Foundation & BB Cream – Private Label Product

Foundation & BB Cream - Private Label Product

Partner with a cosmetic manufacturer for private label foundation and bb cream creation. The custom formulation for unique formula tailored to skin type, coverage level, and shade range. Design and brand packaging with your own brand name.

Become A Founder Foundation As Early As 3 Months!

Busy month ahead for cosmetics entrepreneurs in Mid-April – Get Ready for Eid al-Fitr festival season with high-quality founder foundation & bb cream. Women now seek effective beauty solutions and book production slots to meet demand and avoid missed opportunities.

How To Become A Founder Fast And Easily?

Foundation & BB Cream – Private Label Product

Choose the Best Package with Brand Manufacturer Options – UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd Offers 2 Convenient Package Choices.

Low MOQ package

Low capital business solution with MOQ of 300pcs – RM 5,500. Capital is offered in low package. Limited packaging and design options, material selection determined by manufacturer for cost minimization.

Package MOQ More Than 1000 Pcs

If you have a capital of more than RM10K choose this package because you can custom make foundation products according to your wishes. Starting from the selection of ingredients for formulation as well as packaging and design will use your full ideas. We will also help to register this product.

Take Control of Your Foundation Product Quality – Invest More Capital for Effective and High-Quality Results. Get Ready for Raya, WhatsApp Now for Quick Action.

5 Factors To Build Quality & Effective Products

To create high-quality and effective private-label foundation and BB cream products, you will need to focus on several key factors:

  • Quality ingredients: Choose high-quality, skin-friendly ingredients that are known to be effective and safe.
  • Custom formulation: Work with a cosmetic manufacturer that specializes in custom product formulation to create a unique formula that meets your specific requirements.
  • Thorough testing: Ensure that your products undergo thorough testing to ensure their safety, efficacy, and stability.
  • Packaging and labeling: Invest in attractive, professional packaging and labeling that accurately reflects the quality and benefits of your products.
  • Marketing and branding: Develop a strong marketing and branding strategy that sets your products apart from the competition and clearly communicates their value to potential customers.


In conclusion, creating a private label foundation and BB cream products can be a great opportunity to build your brand and offer customers unique, high-quality products. To be successful, it’s important to focus on key factors such as quality ingredients, custom formulation, thorough testing, attractive packaging and labeling, and strong marketing and branding.

Choose UMZ UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd because we will ensure that your foundation product will be the best selling product this year. Set an appointment now.