3 Simple Tips on How To Choose The Best Hand Sanitizers

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You probably have heard that hand sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs. It is what good sanitizer can do. But how do you tell a good product and a mediocre one? You should read this article until the final dot to know 3 simple and quick tips for you to choose the best hand sanitizers.

The Best Hand Sanitizers

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If you are cautious of what you put inside your body, you should be cautious with what you put on your hands. If you are allergic to anything, you should avoid that in your hand sanitizers. It may sound cliché but you can never be too careful. According to Forbes, consumers do read labels on anything they buy especially food products. People are more aware and extra careful with what they eat. So why not be extra cautious with hand sanitizers?

One thing to note is that alcohol in hand sanitizers may cause your hands to dry. Perhaps with this, you can opt for alcohol-free hand sanitizers. If your hands are indeed dry, you can search for hand sanitizers that have moisturizing effects like emollientsIt’s important to know what is best for you especially, like how humans are different, hands are different and unique too.

3 Simple Tips on How To Choose The Best Hand Sanitizers - Halal OEM Manufacturer

Natural vs artificial

Do you notice that natural non-GMO sanitizers are often too expensive? Hence people make their own organic sanitizers. All you need, is alcohol, aloe vera, and essential oil. But for natural hand sanitizers, there isn’t anyone who can confirm their efficacyThe pros of DIY sanitizers, you know what you put on your hands but you can’t be sure of the effectiveness. You can’t even be sure of how long the hand sanitizers can last.

Which one is the best?
Again choose what is good for you. Our hands are different.


Fragrances listed in the ingredients may not be hazardous based on usage. Most products in the market that are related to “cleaning things” have gone through strict safety tests. Hence the claims like 99.9% of germs killed came out. But, a chemical fragrance like other toxic chemicals can pass from the skin and into the blood. Natural fragrances too can be highly toxic. Try to find disinfectant sanitizers that are fragrance-free or unscented because most manufacturers use fragrances to cover the chemical smell of their products.

To read more on what to avoid in your sanitizers you can read here. Proper use of hand sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs but it may not remove potentially harmful chemicals.

It is important to note that sanitizers CANNOT REPLACE what good old soap and water eliminate such as;

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Norovirus


But with alcohol-based hand sanitizers and the habit of washing hands, you can avoid HFMD, seasonal flu, H1N1, colds, and other viral-bacterial-based diseases.  With the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak rampaging worldwide, you can prevent it by using disinfectant liquids. Maintaining hand hygiene is important every day. It is estimated that we have around 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimeter of skin on our hands.

Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

Do you want to make your own hand sanitizer? Perhaps with your own ingredients? Create your own that suits you and make big cash now with 4 simple steps with us!

4 Simple Steps

  • Discussion – Discussion between the two parties to meet the demand and fully explain the cost, MOQ, and others for free.
  • Sample – After the discussion is decided we will do research and provide product samples for you to try. In order to get the best standards, this process is usually done repeatedly until you reach the level of effectiveness of one product and standard that you want.
  • Production – We will start processing and making products based on the agreed MOQ. We will also provide documentation for certification to the regulatory body to make it easier for you to make sales.
  • Delivery – Once the product is fully ready delivery will be done and you are now the founder.


We from UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd are pleased to help you and invite you to our office or visit our factory. Let’s build a product with us.

How to Become a Founder Hand Sanitizer Private Label

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Since the covid-19 epidemic has spread to Malaysia and all over the world. People must stay healthy. One way to prevent this virus from spreading so quickly to life-threatening is to regularly wash hands with hand sanitizer. Product founders, this is your best opportunity to produce your own branded products with Malaysian hand sanitizer suppliers. Here we explain some ways to become the founder of a hand sanitizer private label with Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd.

Founder of Hand Sanitizer Private Label

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Lately, we can see many people become founders because of profit, contact with suppliers, and the desire to meet. An epidemic is ravaging the world today. Personal hygiene should always be prioritized by the community. In line with the problems of this world, many people take the opportunity to sell hand sanitizers and face masks.

Tips to Choose the Best Malaysian Hand Sanitizer

Ever of hand sanitizer ads that can kill germs up to 99.9%? Whether in drug stores, supermarkets, or regular grocery stores, various brands of hand sanitizer are sold. How to choose the best hand sanitizer? This is a guide for you.

Product Founder’s Main Problem

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Based on the experience of Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd, most product founders have one major problem – the product is slow to be ready. When the process of a product is disrupted, then it will affect the next process, packaging, labeling, shipping, and so on. This problem occurs because most self-branded products cosmetics and health take a long time to be ready to package. Cosmetic products are ready two to three months before the month of Ramadan. Health products slimming products can be ready after, Hari Raya. If you want in making your hand sanitizer with an optimum quality guarantee, we can help you at an affordable price. With a minimum production of 1000 MOQ, your product can be ready in quickly. This can guarantee your product in a short period and speed up the subsequent process.

KKM Existing OEM Factory and Halal Status as a Malaysian Hand Sanitizer Supplier

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Many entrepreneurs forget to care about this factor. If the factory does not have standards set by the KKM, production can be stopped or the business license revoked. The selection of Malaysian Hand Sanitizer suppliers must be made carefully. A product must be approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and JAKIM before it can be sold. You do not have to worry because Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd has certification from KKM and JAKIM. When you get the MOH serial number and JAKIM Halal, this will make it easier for you to put the MOH serial number and halal logo on your product box. Not only that, but we will also help you apply for this approval.

Formulation Not Shared With Other Product Founders

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Each product must have its uniqueness and advantages. This is what will ‘bind’ customers with your product and brand. You can produce your brand of hand sanitizer, you do not have to worry if other product owners also make their brand of hand sanitizer with Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd.

Choose an Experienced Factory

We now have extensive branches in Malaysia and is the main choice of the leading founder in Malaysia to create their own branded products. With 15 years of expertise in this OEM industry, we are ready to produce your brand of hand sanitizer.

Get to know Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd

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The company started its operations in 2005 and has developed OEM products ranging from discussion, formula, sample, packaging, and delivery to the hands of dealers. Our factory is certified by the Ministry of Health, JAKIM Halal, and GMP. Please click the link below to get in touch with us. Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd welcomes you to visit or call our office. Let’s build a product with us.

Cara Menjadi Founder Produk Hand Sanitizer Dengan Pembekal Hand Sanitizer Malaysia

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Berikutan penularan wabak COVID-19 yang melanda Malaysia khususnya dan seluruh dunia amnya, kita digesa untuk sentiasa menjaga kesihatan diri dan keluarga. Salah satu cara untuk membendung virus ini daripada merebak dengan cepat sehingga mengancam nyawa adalah dengan kerap mencuci tangan dengan hand sanitizer.

Bagi usahawan dan founder produk, ini adalah peluang terbaik anda untuk menghasilkan produk jenama sendiri dengan pembekal hand sanitizer Malaysia. Di sini kami jelaskan beberapa cara untuk menjadi founder produk hand sanitizer dengan UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd.

Tip Pilih Hand Sanitizer Malaysia Terbaik

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Pernah dengar iklan hand sanitizer mampu membunuh kuman sehingga 99.9%?

Sama ada di drug stores, pasaraya dan kedai runcit biasa, pelbagai jenama hand sanitizer dijual.

Bagaimana memilih hand sanitizer terbaik? Ini panduan untuk anda.

Berdasarkan pengalaman UMZ Bioline, kebanyakan founder produk mengalami satu masalah utama ini – produk lambat siap. Apabila pengeluaran dan penghasilan produk tergendala, maka ia akan memberi kesan kepada proses seterusnya, seperti pembungkusan, pelabelan, penghantaran dan sebagainya.

Masalah ini terjadi kerana kebanyakan produk jenama sendiri seperti kosmetik dan kesihatan mengambil masa yang lama untuk siap dipakejkan. Sebagai contoh, produk kosmetik siap dua ke tiga bulan sebelum bulan Ramadan. Produk kesihatan seperti produk slimming boleh siap selepas Hari Raya.

Namun sekiranya anda berminat nak buat produk hand sanitizer sendiri dengan jaminan kualiti optimum, UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd boleh membantu anda dengan harga yang berpatutan. Dengan minima penghasilan dari 1000 MOQ, produk anda boleh siap dalam masa 14 hari. Ini boleh menjamin penghasilan produk anda dalam satu tempoh yang pendek dan mempercepatkan proses yang seterusnya.

Kilang OEM Yang Ada KKM dan Status Halal Sebagai Pembekal Hand Sanitizer Malaysia

Ramai usahawan terlupa mengambil berat tentang faktor ini. Pemprosesan produk boleh dihentikan buat seketika atau lesen perniagaan boleh ditarik balik sekiranya kilang pengeluar itu sendiri tidak menepati standard yang ditetapkan oleh KKM.

Pemilihan pembekal Hand Sanitizer Malaysia perlu dibuat dengan diteliti dan cermat. Kebiasaannya, produk perlu mendapat pengiktirafan daripada Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia dan JAKIM sebelum boleh dipasarkan.

Anda tidak perlu risau kerana UMZ Bioline mempunyai persijilan daripada KKM dan JAKIM. Apabila anda mendapat nombor siri KKM dan pengiktirafan Halal JAKIM, ini akan memudahkan anda untuk meletakkan no siri KKM dan logo halal tadi di kotak produk anda. Bukan itu sahaja, kami juga akan bantu anda memohon kelulusan ini.

Formulasi Tidak Dikongsi Dengan Founder Produk Lain

Setiap produk perlu mempunyai keunikan dan kelebihannya yang tersendiri. Ini yang akan ‘mengikat’ pelanggan dengan produk dan jenama anda. Selain kemudahan untuk menghasilkan hand sanitizer jenama anda sendiri, anda tidak perlu risau sekiranya ada pemilik produk lain yang juga buat produk jenama sendiri hand sanitizer dengan UMZ Bioline. Ini kerana kami akan customize formula mengikut kehendak anda dan formulasi itu tidak dikongsikan dengan orang lain.Ini sekaligus dapat mengelakkan isu ‘siapa tiru siapa’ dalam persaingan perniagaan.

Pilih Kilang Yang Berpengalaman

UMZ Bioline kini mempunyai cawangan luas di seluruh Malaysia dan menjadi pilihan utama usahawan terkemuka di Malaysia untuk buat produk jenama sendiri.Dengan kepakaran selama 15 tahun dalam industri OEM ini, kami bersedia untuk menghasilkan hand sanitizer jenama anda. Sekiranya anda berminat untuk membina produk dan jenama sendiri melalui penghasilan hand sanitizer, kami akan kongsikan empat langkah mudah seperti di bawah.

Kenali UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd

Syarikat ini telah memulakan operasinya sejak 2005 dan berpengalaman luas membangunkan produk OEM bermula dari perbincangan, formula, penyediaan sampel, pembungkusan dan penghantaran ke tangan peniaga.

Kilang kami mendapat pengiktirafan KKM, status halal JAKIM dan pensijilan GMP. Sehingga kini kami aktif mengeluarkan produk kepada 64 jenama melalui penggunaan teknologi moden, formulasi terkini dan harga yang kompetitif.

Klik link di bawah untuk menghubungi kami.