The Best Hand Sanitizers

You probably have heard that hand sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs. It is what good sanitizer can do. But how do you tell a good product and a mediocre one? You should read this article until the final dot to know 3 simple and quick tips for you to choose the best hand sanitizers.

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1. Ingredients

If you are cautious of what you put inside your body, you should be cautious with what you put on your hands. If you are allergic to anything, you should avoid that in your hand sanitizers. It may sound cliché but you can never be too careful. According to Forbes consumers do read labels on anything they buy especially food products. People are more aware and extra careful with what they eat. So why not be extra cautious with hand sanitizers?

One thing to note that alcohol in hand sanitizers may cause your hands to dry. Perhaps with this you can opt for alcohol-free hand sanitizers. If your hands are indeed dry, you can search for hand sanitizers that have moisturizing effects like emollients. It’s important to know what is best for you especially, like how humans are different, hands are different and unique too.

3 Simple Tips on How To Choose The Best Hand Sanitizers - Halal OEM Manufacturer

2. Natural vs artificial

Do you notice that natural non-GMO sanitizers are often too expensive? Hence people make their own organic sanitizers. All you need, alcohol, aloe-vera and essential oil.

But for natural hand sanitizers, there isn’t anyone who can confirm the efficacy. The pros of DIY sanitizers, you know what you put on your hands but you can’t be sure of the effectiveness. You can’t even be sure of how long the hand sanitizers can last.

Which one is the best?
Again choose what is good for you. Our hands are different.


Fragrance listed in the ingredients may not be hazardous based on usage. Most products in the market that are related to “cleaning things” have gone through strict safety tests. Hence the claims like 99.9% germs killed came out.

But, chemical fragrance like other toxic chemicals can pass from the skin and into the blood. Natural fragrances too, can be highly toxic. Try to find disinfectant sanitizers that are fragrance-free or unscented because most manufacturers use fragrances to cover the chemical smell of their products.

To read more on what to avoid in your sanitizers you can read here. A proper use of hand sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs but it may not remove potentially harmful chemicals.

It is important to note that sanitizers CANNOT REPLACE what good old soap and water eliminate such as;

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Norovirus

But with alcohol based hand sanitizers and the habit of washing hands, you can avoid HFMD, seasonal flu, H1N1, colds and other viral-bacterial based diseases.  With coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak rampaging worldwide, you can prevent it by using disinfectant liquids.

Maintaining hand hygiene is important every day. It is estimated that we have around 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimeter of skin on our hands.

Do you want to make your own hand sanitizer? Perhaps with your own ingredients? Create your own that suits you and make big cash now with 4 simple steps with us!

  • Step 1 – Discussion
  • Step 2- Sample
  • Step 3- Production
  • Step 4- Delivery

Discussion between the two parties to meet the demand and fully explain the cost, moq and others for free.

After the discussion is decided we will do research and provide product samples for you to try. In order to get the best standards, this process is usually done repeatedly untill you reach the level of effectiveness of one product and standard that you want.

We will start processing and making production based on the agreed moq. We will also provide documentation for certification to the regulatory body to make it easier for you to make sales.

Once the product is fully ready delivery will be done and you are now the founder.

We from Umz Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd are pleased to help you and invite you to our office or visit our factory. Let’s build a product with us.

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