Following the outbreak of COVID-19 that hit Malaysia in particular and the rest of the world in general, we are urged to always take care of personal and family health. One way to prevent this virus from spreading so quickly to life threatening is to regularly wash hands with hand sanitizer.

For entrepreneurs and product founders, this is your best opportunity to produce your own branded products with Malaysian hand sanitizer suppliers. Here we explain some ways to become the founder of hand sanitizer products with UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd.

Lately we can see many people venturing into various fields of business. Among the factors that drive the interest of many young people to become entrepreneurs is because of profit, contact with suppliers and the desire to meet the needs of the environment.

Today the whole world is rocked by a dangerous epidemic, namely Covid-19. The community is asked to be vigilant and always prioritize personal hygiene. In line with the problems of this world, many people take the opportunity to sell hand sanitizers and face masks.

Tips to Choose the Best Malaysian Hand Sanitizer

Ever heard of hand sanitizer ads that can kill germs up to 99.9%?

Whether in drug stores, supermarkets and regular grocery stores, various brands of hand sanitizer are sold. How to choose the best hand sanitizer? This is a guide for you.

  • 1. Materials
  • 2. Natural Or Artificial
  • 3. Care

If you have dry skin problems, especially on the hands, choose an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Or choose one that has moisturizing ingredients such as emollients.

Usually hand sanitizers made using organic materials are sold at a more expensive price.

The content of artificial hand sanitizer is usually stated on the label but the effectiveness is different for each person. The same goes for organic hand sanitizers.

To be safer, choose a product whose content is fragrance-free even if the smell is actually part of the product content to eliminate the smell of the chemicals used.

Product Founder's Main Problem

Based on the experience of UMZ Bioline, most product founders experience one major problem – the product is slow to be ready. When the production and production of a product is disrupted, then it will affect the next process, such as packaging, labeling, shipping and so on.

This problem occurs because most self -branded products such as cosmetics and health take a long time to be ready to be packaged. For example, cosmetic products are ready two to three months before the month of Ramadan. Health products such as slimming products can be ready after Hari Raya.

However, if you are interested in making your own hand sanitizer products with optimum quality guarantee, UMZ Bioline Manufacturer Sdn Bhd can help you with an affordable price. With a minimum production of 1000 MOQ, your product can be ready in 14 days. This can guarantee the production of your product in a short period of time and speed up the subsequent process.

KKM Existing OEM Factory and Halal Status as a Malaysian Hand Sanitizer Supplier

Many entrepreneurs forget to care about this factor. Product processing can be stopped temporarily or the business license can be revoked if the manufacturing plant itself does not meet the standards set by the KKM.

The selection of Malaysian Hand Sanitizer suppliers must be made carefully and carefully. Usually, products need to be recognized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and JAKIM before they can be marketed.

You do not have to worry because UMZ Bioline has certification from KKM and JAKIM. When you get the MOH serial number and JAKIM Halal recognition, this will make it easier for you to put the MOH serial number and halal logo on your product box. Not only that, we will also help you apply for this approval.

Formulation Not Shared With Other Product Founders

Each product must have its own uniqueness and advantages. This is what will ‘bind’ customers with your product and brand. In addition to the convenience of producing your own brand of hand sanitizer, you do not have to worry if there are other product owners who also make their own brand of hand sanitizer with UMZ Bioline.

Each product must have its own uniqueness and advantages. This is what will ‘bind’ customers with your product and brand. In addition to the convenience of producing your own brand of hand sanitizer, you do not have to worry if there are other product owners who also make their own brand of hand sanitizer with UMZ Bioline.

Choose an Experienced Factory

UMZ Bioline now has extensive branches throughout Malaysia and is the main choice of leading entrepreneurs in Malaysia to create their own branded products. With 15 years of expertise in this OEM industry, we are ready to produce your brand hand sanitizer.

4 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Brand Product

If you are interested in building your own product and brand through the production of hand sanitizer, we will share four simple steps as below.

  • Step 1 – Discussion
  • Step 2- Sample
  • Step 3- Production
  • Step 4- Delivery

Discussion between the two parties to meet the demand and fully explain the cost, moq and others for free.

After the discussion is decided we will do research and provide product samples for you to try. In order to get the best standards, this process is usually done repeatedly untill you reach the level of effectiveness of one product and standard that you want.

We will start processing and making production based on the agreed moq. We will also provide documentation for certification to the regulatory body to make it easier for you to make sales.

Once the product is fully ready delivery will be done and you are now the founder.

Get to know UMZ Bioline

We from UMZ Bioline Manufacturer are pleased to help you and invite you to our Office or visit our factory. Let’s build a product with us.

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The company has started its operations since 2005 and has extensive experience developing OEM products ranging from discussion, formula, sample preparation, packaging and delivery to the hands of dealers. Our factory is recognized by the Ministry of Health, JAKIM halal status and GMP certification.

To date we actively manufacture products to 64 brands through the use of modern technology, the latest formulations and competitive prices. Click the link below to contact us.


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